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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 389 – The Ranger (The Review) (2019)

Another surprising Shudder exclusive, the film THE RANGER dropped earlier this year. A prototype throwback to the 1980’s slasher films, the movie changes it up a bit with some back story that is not expected in such movies. Actor Jeremy Holm who stars as the title character met members of the Dark Discussions Podcast at New England Scare-A-Con in June. Their interest in the film grew and they decided to take a look at it.

When Chelsea and her four friends flee a punk rock party when law enforcement raid it, her boyfriend Garth stabs a police officer. Now on the run, they head to a state park where her family has roots. Unfortunately for them, a local park ranger is there who has other things on his mind. And the results bring back Chelsea’s personal history that she has been running away from since she was a child.

Receiving fairly good reviews, the movie was directed by first time director Jenn Wexler. With a strong cast including Chloë Levine, the movie’s real star is Jeremy Holm in a dominating performance that has been drawing positive accolades from both critics and fans alike. But is the film solid? Dark Discussions gives their critique.

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