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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 363 – Fractured (2018)

Home invasion films and ghost house films are pretty derivative. That doesn’t mean they won’t be fantastically done and quite entertaining but usually something is done to spice them up a bit. The new horror film from the UK entitled FRACTURED may have done it quite right. Keeping you guessing if there is an intruder or a ghost or maybe something quite different keeps the movie moving in its eighty minute run time.

Rebecca (April Pearson) and Michael (Karl Davies), a young energetic couple, head for a getaway to a remote property. When they arrive, Rebecca begins to feel as if something isn’t quite right. Bizarre sounds, missing items, and small appliances seem to turn on by themselves. Michael seems unperturbed by the oddly strange happenings, but soon something or someone could be behind what may be more than innocuous ambience.

First time director Christian Hearn puts together a strong debut movie. Both Karl Davies and April Pearson have had high profile television roles prior to this film, with beauty April Pearson having a strong three years in genre cinema with this film as well as CAUGHT, DARK BEACON, and TANK 432. Dark Discussions takes a look at this new film and gives their thoughts.

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