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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 362 – Xavier Gens Focus: 2018’s Cold Skin

In the early 2000’s, the French extreme movement turned the independent horror world upside down. Some of the most popular films of the era were MARTYRS, INSIDE, HIGH TENSION, and Xavier Gens FRONTIER(S). But now, years later, the talent behind these films have moved onto other subgenres including COLD SKIN (2018), a period piece film, that Xavier Gens has adapted from successful novel by Albert Sanchez Pinol.

In 1914, a young man sails to a remote South Atlantic island as a weatherman; someone to chart the conditions of the isolated British territory. The only other resident is a lighthouse keeper named Gruner. Gruner explains the prior weatherman passed from typhus leaving him alone for many months. As Friend sets about his work, the second night of his one year term, his cabin is attacked by something extraordinary from the sea. Fleeing, he holes up with Gruner in the lighthouse only to find out the threat may be unending.

Receiving strong reviews from the festival circuit, the US distribution to the film was picked up by Samuel Goldwyn Films. Unlike his prior films, COLD SKIN is a new direction for Xavier Gens. Though dark, it seems quite unique for his filmography. Dark Discussions takes a look at this new movie and discuss not only the movie but the film trajectory for Gens himself.

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