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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 359 – Cargo (2018)

Director Yolanda Ramke made a seven minute short film entitled CARGO that took the old zombie trope and made a very unique and interesting little film. Getting much buzz on the internet, she along with Ben Howling co-directed an expanded version of the short, where they were able to get actor Martin Freeman to star in it.

After the zombie apocalypse, survivors struggle to survive in rural Australia. Andy (Martin Freeman) and his wife Kay (Susie Porter) and infant daughter Rosie travel on boat down river hoping to arrive at a known safe zone. When unexpected tragedy hits them, the three land up on land having to survive against rugged terrain, zombies, and suspicious human beings.

Whether the film hits its mark or not, almost everyone has stated Martin Freeman’s performance may be one of the best of his career. Taking the outback, the rugged Australian settler, and the culture of the Australian Aborigines, this new take on the zombie film at the least is quite unique. Dark Discussions takes a look at the latest in large zombie subgenre and gives their thoughts.

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