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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 351 – The Meg (2018)

Shark movies are once more in vogue. With the success of such films as 47 METERS DOWN and THE SHALLOWS as well as the more tongue-in-cheek film series of SHARKNADO, sharks have been added to the top of many movie fans “monster” list. For years, Hollywood has been trying to get Steve Alten’s novel MEG to theaters, based on the discovery of the prehistoric shark, Megalodon, still alive and well.

When Jonas Taylor (played by Jason Statham) leads a rescue team to free sailors from a sunken submarine, something large and dangerous destroys the lost ship. With little time available, only a handful of sailors are rescued. Considered a failure, the operation leaves Jonas a broken man. He retires to Thailand to be a fisherman, but soon James Mackreides, an old colleague, appears at his home. A research sub has been disabled and those inside need a quick rescue.

Even after finally being green lit, the movie had various production issues. Gore scenes were cut, the film was pushed back, and then released earlier than expected. Though the movie has a strong cast, the real star was the Megalodon. And that surely brought in folks. Even with mixed reviews, the movie has become one of the summer’s biggest successes. Dark Discussions takes a look at this film where all of us were together in Mystic, Connecticut for our yearly group outing.

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