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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 350 – Creepshow (1982)

Before TALES FROM THE CRYPT and MASTERS OF HORROR, George Romero and Stephen King teamed up in the early 1980’s and put together CREEPSHOW. The film, written by King, using both original and new tales, and directed by Romero, some say is the high point of the horror anthology film. Whether that’s true or not, the hype around it made it a film any horror fan would want to see.

Its legacy was huge since it did spawn various copycats including a sequel and the aforementioned television shows. Still holding a solid rating on Rottentomatoes, the film is receiving a special edition blu-ray release by Scream Factory this year. With its eclectic mix of stories and gore effects by Tom Savini, the movie is a beloved film for most horror fans.

Dark Discussions reaches its 350th episode. After running a poll of ten possible films to discuss for this special occasion, our Facebook members chose this classic treat overwhelmingly. All five co-hosts take a look at this iconic genre movie and even talk a bit about the last 349 episodes, Creepshow 2, and a whole bunch more.

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