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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 310 – Creep 2 (2017)

A lot of genre fans, especially those fond of found footage films, were surprised when the 2014 movie Creep appeared. To little fanfare, this movie directed by Patrick Brice and starring Mark Duplass was a huge cult hit on the VOD circuit. Picked up by Blumhouse Productions, the movie became another one of their little gems that made a lot of horror fans happy with its fantastic acting, great scares, and rejuvenation of the found footage format.

Now in 2017, Creep 2, the sequel is here. Starring Mark Duplass and directed by Patrick Brice again, we pick up sometime later where our unnamed serial killer continues his search for people through online advertisement for a videographer. But there is a difference, he is right up front with Sara (played by Desiree Akhavan) and tells her his killing ways have become tedious. Sara, unsure that he is for real, decides to stay on as his videographer not knowing whether or not she is actually in danger.

Already announced that a Creep 3 is being produced, this new film in the franchise has been receiving fantastic reviews just as its predecessor. Dark Discussions take a look at this very unique movie, compares it with the original, and examines one of cinemas most memorable antagonists.

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