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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 309 – The Evil Within (2017)

A talented yet troubled film maker named Andrew Getty put together one of the most visually interesting horror films in years. His untimely death didn’t allow him to see its final release, but 2017’s The Evil Within made it to VOD after many years in production; over 15 years to be more precise. Oddly with little notice. After years as part of the rumor mill, the movie one day appeared on VOD with little fanfare. Why?

Dennis, a special-needs man, lives with John, his older brother, in their upper middle class home. John’s girlfriend Lydia wishes to get married but John seems to feel guilty to leave his younger brother. Soon Dennis begins to question his own reality when a demon starts haunting him in his dreams. Is it there to possess him or nothing more than his imagination?

Frederick Koehler plays Dennis in what some have said is a remarkable performance of a troubled young man. The cast includes Sean Patrick Flanery and Dina Meyer in strong supporting rows. Dark Discussions takes a look at this once very elusive film and considers whether or not it is as good as the original hype lead us all to believe.

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