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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 303 – mother! (2017)

When Darren Aronofsky released the film Pi, not many people saw it until after his adaption of Hubert Selby’s novel Requiem for a Dream. Folks went back and checked this curious art house horror film and many were left trying to decipher it. His new film, mother!, starring Jennifer Lawrence somewhat returns to that 19 year old film with its shocking scenes and figurative set pieces.

A young woman lives alone with her husband, a poet and writer, in a remote manor home. Generally peaceful and tranquil, her husband is a bit stressed as he tries to fight through writer’s block. One day, unexpectedly, a man knocks on the front door. He is a big fan of the poet. Having no where to go, the poet invites him to live with them to the shock of the young woman. A few days later there is another knock on the door leading to the end of the life the young woman had struggled for so long to create.

The movie has been getting tremendously varied opinions. Some, like the famous critic Rex Reed, says it is the worst film of the twenty-first century. Others say the film has a lot to say about the world we live in. Unfortunately with its larger budget and the hugely negative reaction from audiences, the movie has been a hiccup in the careers of both the director and his leading lady. Dark Discussions takes a peek at this controversial film and gives their thoughts.

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