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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 282 – 13 Reasons Why

Suicide is a very touchy subject for obvious reasons. When folks feel hopeless and don’t know where to turn, terrible thoughts may pass through their minds. Many things from substance abuse, to personal finances, to divorce, to the loss of your job—the world can beat you down. A new series on Netflix called 13 Reasons Why shows this in a high school environment.

Hannah is a pretty girl. Maybe a bit emotional but no different than anyone else. She wants friends and a boy to like her. She wants to be happy and enjoy her life. But when a bunch of unfortunate events begin to pile upon her, she becomes depressed. Those most close to her don’t know, and others who she depends upon may be the causes. The series starts off with the aftermath of her death. Hannah has left a handful of recordings for those she feels responsible for her depression to listen to. And slowly the mystery of why a girl with nothing but great things ahead would end her life.

Dark Discussions co-hosts take a look at this very moving series. With such topics as bullying and sexual assault, the show has brought a lot of controversy including some saying it actually glorifies suicide. But what’s the real story? And is the show any good? Come join co-host Eric and Phil as they give their critique.

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