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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 281 – Peelers (2017)

Canada seems to be putting out a lot of films nowadays, including genre flicks, and that’s not including the American productions filmed in Canada due to tax breaks. No, Canada is becoming a solid and consistent nation of movies and horror films like Girlhouse, Bio Slime, The Editor, American Mary, and Altitude are just a few. Peelers, a new take on zombies, joins the ranks.

As a local mining conglomerate begins to buy out local businesses of a small town, the local stripclub, that used to bring in the locals, is on hard times. Blue Jean, the owner, decides to sell out and move on. But on closing night, a group of miners come in to celebrate one of their birthdays only to also bring with them an infection that may turn an already somber night into hell.

This new VOD horror film was directed by Sevé Schelenze and written by Lisa DeVita, both fairly new to genre fans. Starring a small cast including newcomer Wren Walker as Blue Jean in a very solid performance, the film in ways refreshes the “infected person” movie with its interesting take on the cause. Dark Discussions takes a look at the new feature and gives their opinion.

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