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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 263 – The Windmill (2016)

Back in 2013, the found footage horror film, Frankenstein’s Army, received a lot of buzz. With its interesting setting during World War II and a Soviet taskforce taking a Nazi bunker in Eastern Europe, the film was a fresh take on an overused filming technique. Its wonderful special effects were praised by many. The producer of that film, Nick Jongerius, teams up with the screenwriter, Chris Mitchell, in his feature length debut as a director for the newly released The Windmill.

When a group of tourists visit the nation of the Netherlands, they all take a bus tour out to the rural section of the country to visit and tour the windmills most famous structure, windmills. Unfortunately the tour bus breaks down leaving them stranded. As the hours pass, they discover an abandoned windmill. Taking it upon themselves, they trek over to the structure hoping to find either a phone or a vehicle that could return them to Amsterdam.

During its festival run, the film was actually titled The Windmill Massacre. However, this English language yet foreign made film was retitled and given a proper VOD release near Halloween. Starring Noah Taylor and a group of unknowns, the film takes an interesting approach to the slasher movie. Dark Discussions takes a look at this new release.

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