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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 262 – Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla (2016)

Character studies. In film and fiction, they have been done quite remarkably, including Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver. Now from Australia, a little known film entitled with the curious name Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla has appeared. Having done festival circuits for sometime, the film has made it to general release throughout the world and has gained some immediate buzz. Dreadcentral, for one, has not only said it is one of the best horror films of 2016, but says the lead actor, Glenn Maynard, has created one of the greatest all time performances ever. Lofty words.

Warren is an ice cream truck driver. His daily routine is to sell ice cream near a train bridge and then go home and watch his favorite soap opera starring the beautiful actress Katey George. One day Katey, while filming locally, buys ice cream from Warren and the two become friendly. All seems fantastic in Warren’s life until a pimp and drug appears and begins to harass him. As the days move forward, the new friendship he has made with the famous actress begins to counterbalance against the disruption that the pimp has brought. As tensions rise, Warren has to make a decision that may ultimately end his life as he knows it.

Directed by Stuart Simpson, this is the follow up to his fantastic El Monstro Del Mar. Actor Glenn Maynard, who plays Warren, most certainly brings a remarkable performance to the slow and socially awkward character. Other performers include actress Kyrié Nunan-Jackson as Katey and Aston Elliot as Rocko the pimp. Dark Discussions takes a look at the film to critique and review the film. Is Dreadcentral right with all their praise? Listen to find out.

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