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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 237 – Frank Henenlotter Focus: 1990’s Frankenhooker

Already famous for such films as the Basket Case franchise and Brain Damaged, Frank Henenlotter pieced together a low budget horror comedy based on the Mary Shelley Frankenstein story and its many movie adaptations entitled Frankenhooker. Take the old gothic trope, mix it into a midnight movie, and set it in New York City, one of the hotbeds for midnight movies, and you get another cult classic that is still celebrated twenty-six years later.

When Elizabeth Shelley dies a tragic death at her father’s birthday party, her fiancé, Jeffrey Franken, decides to use his medical and electrical engineering background to bring her back to life. However, where can he find the cadaver to transplant his loved one’s head upon? That may not be all that easy but he does come up with an idea. Where else can a lonely man find women who are willing to go with them for nothing more than some money? 42nd Street, Manhattan, the 1990’s red light district where streetwalkers were once plentiful.

Starring New Jersey native Patty Mullen, who had been both Penthouse Pet of the Month (August 1986) and Penthouse Pet of the Year (1988), and New Jersey actor Jeffrey Lorenz, the two immediately became recognizable favorites of horror fans everywhere. Co-hosts Mike and Phil were podcast guests at Springfield, MA horror convention, Scare-A-Con, where they were able to meet both Patty and Jeffrey and record their on location review and critique of one of genre fans most beloved films.

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