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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 236 – What We Become (2016)

Zombie films are one thing that it seems Dark Discussions Podcast hasn’t reviewed or critiqued all that much. Co-host Eric, for one, is pretty much zombied out. As is a few other co-hosts. But co-host Mike can’t get enough of the topic. Well, out of nowhere a new zombie film appeared from a very unlikely place, Denmark, but then again, Denmark has been putting out some pretty great horror films recently and that includes last years What Animals Dream. Now new talent Bo Mikkelsen directs and screenwrites the new walking dead film, What We Become.

Gustav, the son of typical parents and part of a typical family, meets his new beautiful neighbor, Sonja. As their relationship begins to blossom, local folks in the area begin to get sick. The television news (with the government’s blessing) recommend folks stay home, don’t go to hospitals, and call an alternate number than 911. Soon everyone’s normal life filled with both malaise but also thrills turns upside down when society begins to breakdown.

There are two types of zombie films, the post-apocalyptic and the pre-apocalyptic. This film falls flatly in the pre-apocalyptic as we watch both society and the family/neighborhood unit become stressed and eventually break. With a fairly effective trailer, the film caught the eyes of your co-hosts. Listen up as Dark Discussions critiques and reviews a rare zombie flick.

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