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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 218 – Landmine Goes Click (2015)

So last week, Dark Discussions reviewed and discussed an English language Israeli film, JeruZalem, and one thing of note, what would seem like an unlikely place for a movie industry gave us one. Well, this week is another. The nation of Georgia, just on the coast of the Black Sea, has given us a very interesting thriller-horror film entitled Landmine Goes Click. The title alone raises eyebrows but doesn’t tell the whole picture of this interesting little film.

Prior to the beginning of the rest of their life, soon to be married couple Daniel and Alicia head off to the nation of Georgia with the future best man, Christopher, to hike the Caucasus Mountains with one of Daniel’s old college friends. However, during an impromptu group photo, Chris steps on an old landmine left behind from an old war. By stepping off it, he would surely die. Soon major plot twists rotate the film into a different direction that changes the entire premise.

Landmine Goes Click is directed by new talent Levan Bakhia, and written by Adrian Colussi, and stars relative unknowns but with an outstanding performance by Kote Tolordava as a local hunter who stumbles upon the Americans’ situation. Released to VOD late 2015, the film only now is picking up buzz. Dark Discussions listed it as the eleventh best horror film of last year. To pick up on the recent buzz, your co-hosts have decided to give their opinions.

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