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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 217 – JeruZalem (2016)

A brewing film industry seems to be transpiring out of the Middle East. Israel alone has produced a number of genre films specifically Rabies and Big Bad Wolves, but now a new film by a new filmmaker duo, the Paz brothers, has appeared. Getting fairly positive reviews on the festival circuit and even being reviewed by such mainstream sources as the Village Voice, the New York Times, and Entertainment Weekly (among others), the English language found footage flick JeruZalem, starring Rabies alum, Yael Grobglas, arrived upon VOD services at the end of January 2016.

When the foxy and very single American girls Rachel and Sarah head off to the hot and happening city of Tel Aviv for vacation, they meet archeologist Kevin on the plane who is heading to Jerusalem for a study trip. Sarah, who has a crush on him, convinces Rachel to change plans and the two head to Jerusalem to party and live it up. They meet up with the hotel owner’s son, Omar, giving Rachel her dark and handsome “partner”. But after a number of nights of sin and sun, something happens within the city that may lead to not just their safeties, but also the end of the world.

With a very unique first person filming technique, similar to the segment Amateur Night from the horror anthology film V/H/S, the film is shot using basically “Google” glasses allowing nonstop filming when such camera work would otherwise feel unrealistic. Dark Discussions gives their take on what appears to be the first found footage horror film of 2016. As co-host Phil states, its feel is very much like that of both Cloverfield and Rec. Can the movie live up to such cult classics as those? Listen to find out.

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