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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 212 – Michael Doughtery Focus: 2015’s Krampus

Believe it or not, the anthology Halloween horror film, Trick ‘r Treat, was first debuted to audiences back in 2007. So it has been eight years since writer/director Michael Dougherty had done another feature film. Oddly, Trick ‘r Treat was unceremoniously dropped on Video-On-Demand without much fanfare. Some wondered if Dougherty’s fate with the studios was one and done as director. But companies like Legendary Pictures and Universal thought otherwise and they released his latest Christmas themed horror film Krampus this past December.

Within Teutonic mythology, a demon named Krampus comes to households instead of Santa if a child has been bad or lost their Christmas spirit. Omi, the paternal grandmother of young Max, tells a story about this awful creature to her young grandson late within the film. Is the strange happenings both inside and outside the house just the result of the massive blizzard that has snowed them in or is it something more sinister that has come to teach both the family and the local town a lesson.

A surprising hit, Krampus not only received splendid reviews but also pulled in the box office, the number one thing that executives care about. The film, with its dark wit and scary set pieces, is assured to become a new holiday classic, though not necessarily family oriented. The Dark Discussions co-hosts talk about the latest film by Michael Dougherty and give their review.

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