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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 211 – Anthony DiBlasi Focus: 2015’s Last Shift

Folks may not be aware of director/writer/editor Anthony DiBlasi but he’s been fairly prolific in the horror genre these past six years. Having made his debut with a Clive Barker based movie, Dread, which was part of the After Dark 8 Films to Die For circuit run, he followed that up with Cassadaga, a serial killer film with a supernatural twist, and the 2013 horror film Missionary. Now his latest, Last Shift, after a successful run on the festival circuit, was released this year on VOD.

Second generation cop, Jessica Loren, on her first day on the job, is to babysit the closing of the old precinct building waiting for the hazmat folks to take away the confiscated drugs and other chemical related evidence. Yet unbeknownst to her, this night will not be like any night she has ever experienced before. Her father had been killed during a shoot out with a murderous cult some time before and now the past may be coming back to haunt her.

The film, besides being directed and co-written by DiBlasi, was also edited by him. With its one location shoot, the film’s claustrophobic sense permeates the screen. Your co-hosts take a look at the film and give their opinions on the movie. DiBlasi may be an up-and-coming talent that may have already arrived without many folks knowing it yet.

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