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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 517 – THE TOLL (2021)

Urban legends are numerous.  Many include deaths of people but others include monsters and creatures from the unknown.  The Canadian film, THE TOLL (2021), distributed by Lionsgate, is another in the line of movies that use a “real” or script-created legend that will haunt the characters involved in the film.

When Cami (Jordan Hayes) flies from the American west coast to the Midwest to visit her father, she gets picked up by Spencer (Max Topplin), a driver for a transportation service, for the long ride to her dad’s home.  When the two of them get lost on a remote road in the middle of a forest, they suddenly find themselves in danger by a mythical monster called the Tollman that seems to be attracted to death.  

After a 2020 festival run, Lionsgate released the movie in Q1 of 2021 both on VOD and physical media.  The movie was written and directed by relative unknown Michael Nader and has received positive reviews on such websites as Rottentomatoes.  On the suggestion of co-host Eric, the crew take a look at this Canadian movie and give their thoughts.

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