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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 516 – THE NIGHT HOUSE (2021)

David Bruckner is one of today’s modern breakout genre directors.  His participation in such films as V/H/S (2012), SOUTHBOUND (2015), the spin off film SIREN (2016), and finally THE RITUAL (2017).  He’s now the filmmaker for the latest HELLRAISER (2022) film, but now in 2021, he’s released a new film entitled THE NIGHT HOUSE.

School teacher Beth (Rebecca Hall) is a widow left alone at a beautiful lake front house that her architecture husband left her.  Mourning the loss of her spouse, she begins to breakdown from loneliness, loss, and sadness.  Soon she begins to believe the property is haunted as strange phenomena happen around her.  As summer break begins, she begins to discover dark secrets about her husband.  But even worse, her own dark history begins to encompass her.

After directing the now classic horror film THE RITUAL, David Bruckner’s latest film some say may be as good as that film.  THE NIGHT HOUSE has a very strong performance by English actress Rebecca Hall.  Dark Discussions takes a look at this new film and gives their thoughts on whether or not it deserves the praise that it is getting.

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