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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 495 – DON’T TELL A SOUL (2021)

A small working class town; neighborhoods surrounding a local power plant; an environment far from the nuclear family and the American dream.  Such is the backdrop of the new psychological thriller, DON’T TELL A SOUL (2021). 

Joey (Jack Dylan Grazer) and his older brother Matt (Fionn Whitehead) live alone with their sickly mother Carol (Mena Suvari).  With little money or savings, Matt has an idea to rob the home of a local woman with dementia.  When the job is done, the two bump into a security guard (Rainn Wilson).  While trying to escape, they run through a forest where an accident occurs.  Joey must make a decision:  should he follow his conscious and get help or remain silent so neither he nor his big brother are arrested for the robbery.

The movie first played the festival circuit in 2020 before being released to general audiences in early 2021.  The movie is written and directed by Alex McAulay and weaves a tale of three people who may not be the individuals they say they happen to be.  Receiving generally positive reviews, Dark Discussions takes a look at this very intriguing film and gives their thoughts.

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