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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 494 – SÉANCE (2021)

Pretty co-eds are one of the staples of horror films.  Also girl dormitories, sororities, and even girl sports teams.  The new film, SÉANCE (2021), follows some of these tropes.  It is an obvious love letter to films of the past with slasher elements, ghostly hallways, a possible final girl, and things just not being as they appear.  Séance

The all girls prestigious high school, Edelvine Academy, gets a new student named Camille (Suki Waterhouse).  She is assigned the old bedroom of a former student that died in mysterious circumstances.  When lights begin to flicker and a faint presence moves among the shadows, Camille and the girls of her dorm wing begin to think the ghost of a former student that died years before is making its existence known.

SÉANCE is the directorial debut of the prolific and talented genre screenwriter, Simon Barrett.  Barrett’s writing of such films as THE GUEST (2014), YOU’RE NEXT (2011), and  A HORRIBLE WAY TO DIE (2010) has made him a staple among horror fans.  Now with his first film as a director, does SÉANCE live up to those great films that he wrote?  Dark Discussions takes a look at SÉANCE and gives their thoughts.

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