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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 488 – JAKOB’S WIFE (2021)

Vampires are a form of humans that have been reborn into something else.  A monster.  Something malevolent.  But what if you aren’t fully turned yet.  And you feel different.  Better?  Using the vampire as a metaphor isn’t anything new.  So when you find a film that has this implication, how well is it done?  The new film JAKOB’S WIFE (2021) is the latest in this subgenre of horror film.

Anne (Barbara Crampton) is a middle aged woman married to Pastor Jakob (Larry Fessenden).  Generally she’s happy but her youth seemed to have disappeared with a blink.  When she become in charge of converting an old town property to something useful, a disturbing presence has taken residence within the cobwebbed structure.  Soon Anne’s life is turned upside down and her community may be in danger.

JAKOB’S WIFE is directed by Travis Stevens, the director of 2019’s GIRL ON THE THIRD FLOOR.  The movie stars two modern horror legends including Barbara Crampton (RE-ANIMATOR) and actor/director Larry Fessenden (HABIT).   Dark Discussions takes a look at this interesting film and gives their thoughts.

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