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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 475 – THE CLEANSING ROOM (2020)

Oh, no!  Another exorcism film?  How many of these can there be.  Well, a whole lot, actually.  And the Shudder exclusive, THE CLEANSING HOUR, is the latest.  Coming out late 2020, the movie got a lot of buzz as it was displayed prominently on the channel’s front screen.  So not surprisingly, many folks watched it, but surprisingly, a whole lot of folks loved it.

Max (Ryan Guzman) and Drew (Kyle Gallner) run The Cleansing Room, a one hour weekly internet exorcism show.  It’s all fake.  Max isn’t really a priest.  And Drew gets actors to come on to play the possessed using various production designs to make it look real.  When their latest performer doesn’t show, Drew’s fiancé Lane (Alix Angelis) has to step in otherwise the latest episode has to be cancelled.  But as the hour begins, something bizarre happens, and soon secrets emerge that could destroy them all.

The movie appears to be the feature length debut of director Damien LeVeck.  From a story by Aaron Horowitz, the screenplay was co-written with the director.  With a present score of 72% on RottenTomatoes, the movie is receiving fine reviews from critics.  The movie made the 2020 top ten lists of a number of your co-hosts, so the crew decided to take a look at this interesting take on the exorcism movie subgenre.

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