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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 466 – HOSTS (2020)

Christmas time is here again and Dark Discussions takes a look once more for a film that uses the holiday as its backdrop.  This time it’s a new movie out of the United Kingdom entitled HOSTS.  From first time feature length directors Adam Leader and Richard Oakes, the movie is a new take on both the home invasion and possession film.

Michael (Frank Jakeman) and his family are having a Christmas Eve dinner.  Earlier in the day he invites the friendly young couple from next door over to join them, Jack (Neal Ward) and Lauren (Nadia Lamin).  As Jack and Lauren get ready, what appear to be flashlights in their backyard disturb them.  Soon they may be endangered by intruders.  And the threat soon heads over towards Michael’s home.

In a surprise, HOSTS turns out to be a very effective horror film that should be a delight to most viewers.  With its intense set pieces and the very interesting antagonists, the movie is a quarter four surprise in 2020.  Dark Discussions takes a look at this little film and gives their thoughts.

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