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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 468 – ARMY OF ONE (2020)

Dark Discussions reviewed a hidden gem horror film called THE SECRETS OF EMILY BLAIR (2016) back on episode 256 of the podcast.  The star, Ellen Hollman (LOVE AND MONSTER (2020)), shined in the title role as a possessed woman who’s life and soul were in danger.  Now in 2020, her career has hit new highs as she is the star of the films, LOVE AND MONSTERS and ARMY OF ONE.  With ARMY OF ONE she takes on a hugely physical role that requires her to also carry the film upon her shoulders.

Brenner (Ellen Hollman), a retired special ops soldier, and her police officer husband Dillion (Matt Passmore) take a vacation out in small town USA for some hiking and camping.  When they discover a cabin in the woods that may be used by gun runners, their lives suddenly are in danger.  Brenner is forced to fight for her survival as a game of cat-and-mouse leads her deeper into darkness.

In a very physical role, actress Ellen Hollman shows why she was added to the cast of the upcoming MATRIX 4 (2021).  ARMY OF ONE is a very dark action thriller that forces a woman to work with the elements around her as she tries to ascertain deliverance.  Dark Discussions takes a look at this film while also getting the opportunity to interview Ellen Hollman about her amazingly physical performance.

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