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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 256 – The Secrets of Emily Blair (2016)

Many folks of note have come through Roger Corman’s various film companies. Some of the bigger names are Martin Scorsese, James Cameron, and Jonathan Demme. Other folks of note include Bill Paxton and Joe Dante. Joe Genier is another and this year his production company released a film directed by him called The Secrets of Emily Blair. Appearing on Netflix, the film immediately was pushed hard by the VOD service and soon a positive buzz followed making the film be considered by many a hidden gem.

Emily Blair (played by Ellen Hollman) is a well respected RN at a hospital who’s life seems to be perfect. Over the weekend she became engaged to her boyfriend and everything seems like it can’t get any better. However, during a strange encounter with an ER patient, things begin to unravel and soon those around her may begin to have to worry about their life.

With exorcism films being some of the most beloved subgenres of horror films, this new take adds a bit of originality to the topic while paying homage to some of the more popular movies. Ellen Hollman, known for her work on Spartacus, brings a remarkable performance to a woman that has become possessed. Dark Discussions takes a look at this new film and gives their opinion.

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