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Cinema A La Carte Podcast – Episode 005 – FORBIDDEN PLANET (1956)

FORBIDDEN PLANET (1956), one of the most iconic science fiction films of all time, has been chosen as the latest Cinema A La Carte episode to discuss.  With its timely phenomenal special effects, the movie was nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Visual Effects category.  By 2013, the film was entered into the Library of Congress’ National Film Registry as an important movie in history. 

The planet Altair IV had been colonized twenty years earlier, but now it is time for the relief team to replace the original explorers.  When coming into audio communication with the planet, one of the original pioneers, Dr. Edward Morbius (Walter Pidgeon), warns starship C-57D to stay away.  But following orders, Commander John J. Adams (Leslie Nielsen) lands the ship only to find Morbius, his daughter Altaira (Anne Francis), and a robot named Robbie all that’s left of the original settlers.

The film was one of MGM’s most successful movies.  FORBIDDEN PLANET was directed by Fred M. Wilcox, written by Cyril Hume, and produced by Nicholas Nayfack.  Years later, the movie still resonates with Robbie the Robot considered one of the most iconic characters in movie history.  Take a listen to your co-hosts discuss all things Krell, the mind’s id, and miniskirts.

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