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Anthony T’s Horror & Wrestling Show – Episode 089 – 5th Annual Horror Whammies

It’s the new year and this year Anthony T”s Horror and Wrestling Show starts off with a bang as the podcast has 3 episodes as for the first time ever the horror whammies, the horror show awards and the top 10 films list will have its own episode. In part one of Anthony T’s look back of 2022, he looks back and hands out awards to films that made him embarrassed to be a horror fan with his dishonorable mentions with the 5th annual horror whammies. In What’s Anthony T Watching, it’s Vinegar Syndrome month as he has films that he’ll be reviewing that were a part of his Halfway to Black Friday subscription package that he never got to watch. The first film is a cult slasher that was recently released that gives new meaning to guilty pleasure slashers and was one of the major releases during their Black Friday sale.

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