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This May, Have a CRAPPY MOTHER’S DAY – Arrives May 4th, 2021

Three generations of women attempt to celebrate Mother’s Day, but things go sour from the start. We discover quickly that things are not quite right with this family. There is the gruff father, a domineering grandmother, whacky middle-aged uncles, and a grandpa who is buried in the back yard. The celebration ends quickly when a shocking secret that was kept from everyone for years is now revealed. 

Kristen Krak, Addison Anderson, Jackie Debatin, Bill Rutkoski, Vivien Landau, John Rutkoski, Mike Rutkoski, Marie Lenzi, Louis Mustillo, Billy Garan, Alexa Rae, Ruya Koman, and Ayala Feinstein star in a film by Dan Karlok. 

Crappy Mother’s Day, available On Demand May 4, 2021 from Uncork’d Entertainment.  

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