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New From Scream Factory

We have great news for those who missed it the first time: the first Vincent Price Collection is back in print and available for pre-order now for its 9/22 release. On that same day, we’re also releasing The Masque Of The Red Death – featuring two cuts of the film – as a stand-alone Blu-ray. Then on 9/29, get ready to set sail with Ghost Ship: Collector’s Edition, which includes a cargo load of new and existing extras. Last month we announced a pair of surprise Roger Corman exclusives with Caged Heat / Jackson County Jail and Streetwalkin’. Well, we’re doing it again! Attack Of The Crab Monsters and Deathsport are also available exclusively through Shout with only 1,000 made of each. Order yours before they sell out!


A Fairy Tale Comes To Chilling Life

We kicked off September with a brand-new film based on the Slavic folktale of Baba Yaga. When a couple hires a nanny, they literally invite trouble into their home when dangers of supernatural proportions are unleashed. Watch Baba Yaga: Terror Of The Dark Forest on Digital, DVD, Blu-ray and On Demand now.


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