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Mondo Macabro Announces Upcoming Releases – Halloween Sale

For Immediate Release:


Yeah, can you believe it? We can’t. Mostly because it means the clock is ticking on getting our huge (for us) slate of films ready for the Halloween Sale in October. More news on that below, but first a few other minor issues that need to be dealt with …


As of the writing of this newsletter, we have just received word that replication and assembly of our latest two LEs, SEVEN WOMEN FOR SATAN and SINS OF THE FLESH has been finished and they are about to ship! That’s good news! We should be getting them next week, probably on Wednesday or so. It will take a few days to sort them after that. That puts shipping copies out to you, the beloved customers, around Monday of the following week. That’s the 14th. Later than we would have liked for sure. But that’s the pandemic for you. Everything is slow these days. 

Including the mail, as we keep having to say. I’m sure all of you are aware of the situation with the USPS right now. We’re finding that not all parcels that are sent out are arriving late. Some arrive as quick or even quicker than usual. But some are obviously just sitting in sorting facilities for days or even weeks. Please keep in mind that we having nothing to do with this. Feel free to contact us if you didn’t get tracking info, but otherwise just hang tight – your package will arrive. If you have further questions or concerns about this issue contact your local PO. Or better yet, your congressperson. 

But anyway, shipping on the new ones will start around Monday the 14th. It generally takes us two weeks to get all the packages out. And by “us”, I mean “me”. It’s just one person doing the shipping. Another thing to keep in mind during this process. 


One of them, SEVEN WOMEN FOR SATAN, has finally sold out! A big thanks to everyone who bought a copy! It took longer than we thought it would, but we’re happy and relieved that it finally did. 

We still have a good amount of SINS OF THE FLESH, but they are going as well. As of this writing we have about 90 copies left. If you are unsure about this one you can check out the following early reviews for more details on what it’s all about:

Rock! Shock! Pop!

DVD Drive-in

Mondo Digital

Unlimited standard edition Blu-rays are in the works and should be out in November. We’ll have the tentative street date for those in our October newsletter. 


And now we get onto the most anticipated bit of news: when’s the big sale and what will you have? For those new to the fold, every year in October we have a sale on our entire back catalog plus at least one new limited edition pre-order. This year we’re going all out and having THREE new limited edition titles on sale! Which will be great for you, but is honestly causing us all kinds of stress and worry! But we’ll be happy with the results when we finally sign off on everything. Also this year, the sale will be a bit later than we usually have it. Normally we’d start it more in the middle of October so that anyone just making orders of back catalog titles can hopefully get them by the time Halloween itself actually rolls around. But this year, because of those three new titles in production we needed all the time we could get before we put them up for pre-order. 

So here’s when it will be and how it will go – The sale will start and the pre-orders will go live exclusively at at 9 AM Pacific Time/12 noon Eastern on Thursday, October 29th. This is the hour for all the die hards and the must-get-my-order-in-right-away folks. We’re still working out issue with our newer site, and so the first rush of sales traffic needs to happen at the big cartel. However, one hour later at 10 AM Pacific/1 PM Eastern, the sale and pre-orders will go live at the new site as well. 

The sale on back catalog items will run through Monday, November 9th. Of course the LE pre-orders will be on sale until they sell out. Nothing is limited to this time frame. If you have any questions about any of the above, don’t hesitate to send us your inquiry at 


Yes, regular readers and fans will know that last month we announced that one of the new LE titles we’re doing is the amazing Italian psychedelic occult thriller QUEENS OF EVIL. We announced that it will arrive as a limited two disc set housed in the ever-popular slipcover. (Check out our last newsletter, or go through one of our social media platforms for that announcement if you haven’t seen it.) But what about the other two? Well, one of them is going to remain top secret until just prior to the sale going live. Not even giving hints. But it’s going to be awesome. But we think it’s time to unveil the 2nd of those three titles, and it is … 

Jorge Grau’s 70s Eurogothic classic BLOOD CEREMONY! A.K.A. Ceremonia Sangrienta A.K.A. LEGEND OF BLOOD CASTLE! 

Yes, finally this incredible classic of Spanish horror finally makes its legit disc debut in the US this fall! A bold and bloody retelling of the Countess Bathory mythos from the director of LIVING DEAD AT MANCHESTER MORGUE, BLOOD CEREMONY has all the atmosphere and chills you’d expect from this era of Eurohorror. As shown in the art above, this Blu-ray will come out first as a “red case” LE that will include a booklet and a set of postcards, and will feature a reversible cover with stunning new art by Justin Coffee on the A side and classic ad art on the B. Check out our social media pages in the coming days for more info about this release. And before you ask, yes, we are working to make sure we can present the most compete version of this film possible. More on that as we get closer to publication. 


So there you have it. Halloween Sale starting on October 29th. Three new LE pre-orders, two of them being QUEENS OF EVIL and BLOOD CEREMONY, with a third ‘secret’ title still to be announced. There will also be a discount on all in print back catalog items at our store, how much on each depending on how recent it is. This will take us to the end of the year. And a blessed relief for all of us the end of 2020 will be. Let’s hope for better things in 2021! 

And as discussed in our last newsletter, we are hard at work on having likely our biggest ever slate of releases ready for the upcoming year! We plan on getting things off to a bang in either January or February, when we expect to put THREE MORE new limited edition Blus up for sale! What will they be? Can’t tell you right now, but expect the unexpected! 

That’s it for now! See you next month! And as ever – stay safe, stay sane, and watch weird movies! 

Kind regards,

The Mondo Macabro – The Wildside of World Cinema Staff

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