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Long-Lost CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST Poster Art Available From Grindhouse Releasing.

Grindhouse Releasing has unearthed never-before-seen movie poster art for Ruggero Deodato’s CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST in the vaults of the film’s original U.S. distributor.

Larry Joachim of Trans-Continental Film Corp. commissioned this painting from artist Marcus Boas in 1979, intending to use the art on the U.S. one-sheet poster for the New York opening of CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST — but the design was deemed too graphic and shocking by theater owners. It wasn’t until later that Deodato’s film debuted in U.S. theaters, with a different poster design.

We saw this painting and thought it was incredible, so we’re featuring it on a new line of official CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST merch including T-shirts, hoodies, banners and more!

We also have on offer new official CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST merch featuring wild art from Ghana by Bright Obeng, and new CANNIBAL FEROX art by Meagan LeMay.

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