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Interview: Photographer, Artist, Digital Retoucher & Model Miss Britney Rae

Back in 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic, when festivals, gatherings, and conventions were still the norm, I attended the Scares-That-Care horror convention in Williamsburg, Virginia (USA). While attending I wore one of my new horror t-shirts. It was of the comic book heroine Lady Death modeled by a digital artist/model named Miss Britney Rae. To my amazement, a person at the convention knew the artist. What a surprise that was. Everyone of course knew who the comic book character was, but for someone to actually know the artist behind the specific shot of Lady Death was pretty amazing. Fortunately now, I was able to connect with Miss Britney Rae and learn more about her amazing work. She gladly took some time to sit down with us and tell us more about her work, her time during these strange days, and what she’s been up to.

Miss Britney Rae

Dark Discussions News Network: Hello, thanks so much for your interest in being interviewed. It is our pleasure to have you here and promote all you do. Why don’t you give us a little information about yourself and what you do.

Miss Britney Rae: My pleasure! I’m (Miss) Britney Rae, and I’m a self-portrait artist, occasional model, photographer, and digital retoucher.

Dark Discussions News Network: I know a lot of folks aren’t able to do their passion as a full time job. Many have to work a day job to pay the bills. So to put this into two questions, how long have you been around? And are you able to do it full time?

Miss Britney Rae: I’ve been creating my own portraits and shooting portrait and landscape photography since 2011-2012, and I started modelling for others around 2015. I seldom work with other people (with or without a global pandemic) so I do everything that goes into a shoot unless otherwise specified. It can be a lot of work physically and mentally. Digitally retouching images for others has been my main source of income for the past year though; tough times!

Dark Discussions News Network: Yes, with social distancing, it has been a bit tough to be as creative and prolific, I bet. And with social distancing as it is, I was curious if you also did cosplay modeling as well. For example, in some of your photos you have done vampires, Jessica Rabbit, a nurse, and various other characterizations, including Lady Death, the comic book heroine. Do you do that type of modeling a lot? Have you done conventions?

Miss Britney Rae: I don’t recall ever cosplaying a vampire, haha. I’ve cosplayed as Jessica Rabbit twice, Catwoman, and Lady Death many years ago just to experiment. It’s not something I like to do often as I don’t really know how to be anything other than me. When I dress as someone else, I feel really out of place. My only exception thus far has been my Freddie Mercury tribute ( a series of self portraits I created in his honour in 2020).

Dark Discussions News Network: You have done a number of magazines but most impressively you have been on the cover of specific issues. I noticed you were on the cover of Babe Watch The Magazine, Ethereal Magazine, Noir Magazine, Fet Erotica Magazine, among many others as well. How did that happen? That is pretty awesome!

Miss Britney Rae: Thank you so much! I’ve been in digital and print publications since way back in the 2014 DeviantArt days for my early self-portrait glamour and alternative work. I received my first magazine cover (TE Magazine) in 2016. It’s been a lot of hard work, time, and rejection. I lot of people don’t/didn’t feel comfortable publishing someone who took their own images. Babe Watch was one of the few publications where someone else was the photographer (shout out to Ashley French for those beautiful photos and memories)! I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunities that I’ve had and I’m glad to see self-portraiture within the creative realm be more accepted.

Dark Discussions News Network: Modeling can be a tough field I’d assume. Like you alluded to, the competition for covers and magazine photo essays can be ultracompetitive. How do you promote yourself and get some of the awesome gigs you have gotten?

Miss Britney Rae: Most of these “gigs” have been me, haha! Here and there I’ll have other creative friends step in to collaborate or sometimes someone who isn’t a mutual will reach out on social media.

Dark Discussions News Network: Yes, social media can be pretty cool sometimes. That’s how we were able to connect with you as a matter of fact. That’s where I read that you also do photography (as the actual photographer), digital retouching, and maybe even do your own digital design. Is that true? And do you work with other models?

Miss Britney Rae: I always consider myself a photographer before I am a model. I’ve studied graphic design in college, but that’s as far as my designing days go. I’ve worked with a handful of models throughout the years; some are dear friends to this day!

Dark Discussions News Network: One’s physique can help or hinder a model. It’s obviously a very important aspect since modeling is a visual medium. Your physique is quite bodacious and eye-catching. How does that bolster your modeling?

Miss Britney Rae: It’s not something I think about or find relevant. I’m just me.

Dark Discussions News Network: You are way too humble. One aspect of your work is your costumes/outfits. For example, your costume for the Fet Erotica cover not only is magnificent, but on you, it can only be said that photo is a true work of art. And to second that point, it was chosen as the cover of the magazine. How do you go about choosing your costumes since you obviously have a fantastic eye?

Miss Britney Rae: I was on the cover for them a couple of times, so I’m assuming this isn’t regarding the artistic nude set, hahaha! My last cover with them showcased one of my favorite lingerie pieces that I actually still shoot in! They’re definitely images that I’m fond of and it’s always been a pleasure working with the Fet Erotica team. Thank you for the kind words. I just wear what makes me feel good about myself and showcases some of my personal tastes or inspirations aesthetically.

Dark Discussions News Network: Even though you are a distinct artist with your own techniques and your own visions, were there any individuals that influenced your work and the path you took to be who you are today?

Miss Britney Rae: I’m always inspired by other artists and various mediums. From Bunny Yeager and Dita Von Teese to Freddie Mercury. I’m moved by many people and many things, constantly.

Dark Discussions News Network: Those are some great contributors that have inspired you. Although you are a visual artist, since acting is an obvious next step, have you ever done films such as horror movies, independent cinema, or avant-garde movies as an actress?

Miss Britney Rae: Is it obvious? I never felt that way. I don’t have any desire or inclination to act.

Dark Discussions News Network: How about telling us a little about some of your other past projects that we haven’t mentioned yet that would be of interest to the readers?

Miss Britney Rae: Outside of my world of portraiture and modelling, I actually love to sing. I’ve been doing that for several years now and it has been a passion of mine as much as my visual art. It’s been really fun taking it more seriously this past year.

Dark Discussions News Network: You have done so many different types of photography – portraitures, landscapes, fetish, characterizations, so many to name. And there are all sorts of models with various types of styles. Are you very much a chameleon in what you do? Or do you prefer to focus on a specific subject?

Miss Britney Rae: I suppose I could be perceived that way. As I’ve said before, I’m just me, and that’s all I truly know.

Dark Discussions News Network: Once again, you are way too humble. I know I asked this prior, and with COVID-19 lockdowns it has been a bit hard, but do you ever do conventions where folks can meet you in person? If so, do you have any specific examples of how it was to meet fellow fans?

Miss Britney Rae: Nope. Social anxiety is murder. If I’m approached politely whilst out and about though, I usually don’t mind! The experiences I’ve had have mostly all been super sweet and flattering.

Dark Discussions News Network: For some of our readers, they come here for the monsters and the scary movies. What is your favorite horror villain or monster?

Miss Britney Rae: Godzilla.

Dark Discussions News Network: I love me some kaiju monsters too. And with him coming back shortly in the new Godzilla vs. Kong movie, I bet you are looking forward to seeing it like the rest of us. Well, let me ask you, where can our fellow Godzilla fans find you on social media? Do you have various online sites? Let’s have it.

Miss Britney Rae: I sure do. Folks can find me all over the place on social media. I have two Instagram accounts ( @missbritneyrae and @phantasmagoricalartsphoto ). I’m also on Facebook ( Miss Britney Rae and Phantasmagorical Arts Photography ). Also I can be found on Vero ( @missbritneyrae ) and Twitter ( @Miss_BritneyRae ) as well.

Dark Discussions News Network: Awesome, thanks so much for joining us. We appreciate the time you took to be interviewed. Keep up the awesome work and always looking forward to anything new you put out. Take care.

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