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Horror Director Jared Masters Releases New Wave Music Album

New wave album released by horror director Jared Masters

Already #1 in Dance Pop on Amazon! New wave album ‘Lukewarm Surprise’ by Jared Masters (Slink, After School Massacre) AKA J. Riddles has been released by Gold Mag Enterprise in Los Angeles, California. This 46 minute dive into cinematic retro pop splendor can now be yours for only $9.99 on Amazon. You can also listen for free on YouTube. Links below. The horror guru of Hollywood has composed and recorded thirteen original tracks using a vintage Roland JX-3P synthesizer, Wurlitzer electric piano and Dr. Rhythm drum machines. His unique vocals and singing style is at the forefront of this dark, yet joyous musical experience as well.

Sampling of lyrics:
1. Sometimes I Die: Sometimes I cry I don’t know why Sometimes I die It’s usually on a Wednesday or a Thursday I’m sick, I’m dead There’s something in my head That keeps me from everything I want, I need A hang up My empty selfish thoughts My immature needs They make me want to scream

2. Spited: She came a lot of times and he came only once She had a marvelous time and he thought he was punk They were alive together, long enough to try it Then one denied the other, at least she did not hide it And there she goes, smiling brightly All while he knows he’s been slighted There she goes, moves so rightly Although he knows that he’s been spited We have a lot of chances to make our image better Writing our feelings down, admit our wrongs in letters We can devise a plan to live our lives and prosper We shall be strong like lambs and avoid the slaughter I can’t go on, No, you can be strong I was not right many of nights It is now done. You had your fun She won the fight. You found the light I will be fine, just show me a sign

4. Friends or Lovers?: Are we friends or lovers? Please just tell me why I just need my brother He’ll be here before July Please, for the sake of it, baby Can’t you tell I tried Feed the relationship crazy Portraits of white lies I just want to be your daddy. This is not new news Without all the waves there’s paddling.

5. Eucalyptus Maze: There’s a place wrapped in flowers Beyond the gates Where the hourglasses never seem to change Some will claim hidden powers Of a race with a rather eerie Componibili face Where were you when I went there? I went there all alone Where the days are gloom but the nights fair It’s where we’ll build our home Where were you when I went there? I went there all alone Don’t fear the laughing dolls in the height chairs I’ve carved your missing face in stone Eucalyptus Maze! Eucalyptus Maze! 

7. Angel: Don’t fear me now I was sent by your God Just hear me out I’m your guardian angel Your life is on its way out But you can save it You thought you figured it out But not forever His love is what its about Reach out and take it We know that time’s running out So be faithful my friend Choose the light ‘til the end Come with me now Way down where many demons Lurk about And prey on wicked humans There’s no chance you could break out Once you are sent there You claim that you are devout But can you swear it? Let us now open your heart And find a love that’s divine A real chance to shine Please join me now May I do you a favor? You might miss out So I’ve brought forth your lover Someday you’ll be in the ground Beside each other Physical bodies earthbound They’re not for Heaven Although your soul should reroute Upwards and out My kind has no doubts (I am an angel)
Many songs on this dream pop album will also be featured in Masters’ upcoming horror film ‘Quartz Vein’. Coming this Summer.

Lukewarm Surprise is now available on CD and Cassette. Photos and Album Art by Elizabeth Rath. Produced by Dennis Carlin. All Music and Lyrics © 2020 by Jared Masters.

Available on Amazon:

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