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HARD KILL Special Drive-In Screening Sponsored by Reign

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — REIGN Total Body Fuel, the ultimate performance beverage created by Monster Energy, unveiled its newest flavor profile, Lilikoi Lychee, last night at the special drive-in screening of HARD KILL hosted at the Hollywood Palladium. The action-thriller film and premier event, powered by REIGN Total Body Fuel, features WWE Total Divas star and REIGN lead spokeswoman Natalie Eva Marie. The event included Cedric the Entertainer, Matt Eskandari, Randall Emmitt, Heather McDonald and Corey Calliet driving the red carpet, as well as Jesse Metcalfe virtually attending, and experiencing all REIGN has to offer.

REIGN Total Body Fuel is an all-in-one fitness focused beverage, providing the perfect pre or post workout boost with zero sugar, zero calories and zero artificial flavors or colors. Combining the tart and tangy flavor of lilikoi with the sweet, aromatic finish of lychee, the new REIGN Lilikoi Lychee addition evokes the scents and flavors of a tropical exotic getaway. Designed to assist you refuel, refresh and recover, each 16-ounce beverage contains 300mg of Natural Caffeine, BCAA’s, CoQ10 and Electrolytes.

“REIGN Total Body Fuel provides a much-needed energy boost to keep me powered and pumped throughout the day – whether I’m pushing through a tough workout or walking the red carpet of the HARD KILL film premiere,” said REIGN Ambassador Natalie Eva Marie. “I’ve been honored to work with REIGN since the beginning, and I appreciate their continued support, which keeps me motivated and inspired to achieve my goals.”  

REIGN Total Body Fuel is available nationwide in 13 delicious flavors, including the newest tropical addition, Lilikoi Lychee. Visit and follow @ReignBodyFuel on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter to join the movement!

About Monster Energy:
Based in Corona, California, Monster Beverage Corporation is a holding company and conducts no operating business except through its consolidated subsidiaries. The Company’s subsidiaries develop and market energy drinks, including Monster Energy® energy drinks, Monster Energy Ultra® energy drinks, Monster MAXX® maximum strength energy drinks, Java Monster® non-carbonated coffee + energy drinks, Espresso Monster® non-carbonated espresso + energy drinks, Caffé Monster® non-carbonated energy coffee drinks, Monster Rehab® non-carbonated tea + energy drinks, Muscle Monster® non-carbonated energy shakes, Monster Hydro® non-carbonated refreshment + energy drinks, Monster HydroSport Super Fuel® non-carbonated advanced hydration + energy drinks, Monster Dragon Tea® non-carbonated energy teas, Reign Total Body Fuel® high performance energy drinks, Reign Inferno® thermogenic fuel high performance energy drinks, NOS® energy drinks, Full Throttle® energy drinks, Burn® energy drinks, Samurai® energy drinks, Relentless® energy drinks, Mother® energy drinks, Play® and Power Play® (stylized) energy drinks, BU® energy drinks, Nalu® energy drinks, BPM® energy drinks, Gladiator® energy drinks, Ultra Energy® energy drinks, Live+® energy drinks, Predator® energy drinks and Fury® energy drinks.  For more information, visit

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