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Australian Thriller BENEFITED Globally Now on VOD


Melbourne, AU – 4th of September 2020

Bounty Films is happy to announce the global video-on-demand release of the new Aussie drama, Benefited. It’s now available in various countries via Google PlayMicrosoftVimeo on DemandFetch TV and Prime Video

“Dity has just found out she is pregnant, but to a past abusive lover. Will is only 15 years old, but is learning to break into homes. Ray struggles to overcome his violent past to become a father. Each must fight to just survive somehow.”

Benefited is an award winning film that with disturbing eye details the intertwining lives of  a single mother, government workers, thieves and drug addicts as they struggle within the Australian housing and the government benefit system.

It deals with domestic violence, sexual abuse, classism, societal stigma and the loss of cultural identity and challenges the perceptions of people living on the benefit system and in the housing system. It addresses their issues of safety, stability, self worth and support living in a patriarchal modern day society.

Benefited is written, directed and stars Clare McCann (Blog Party, House of Bond) as well as Ryan Bown (Lambs of God, Home & Away), Tim Ross (Wonderland, Romance on the Menu), Shalane Connors (A Place to Call Home) and Jenny Wu (Australia Day, Lady Bloodfight). 


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