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The Slumber Party Massacre Podcast – Ep4 – MAY (2002)

You are cordially invited to attend episode 4 of The Slumber Party Massacre Podcast! This time around in Girl Talk the girls read some fan mail, talk past and present horror celebrity crushes, and play a game of true colors! In Pillow Fight they debate Ari Astor, Robert Eggers, and Jordan Peele and fight over which film is best out The Witch, The Lighthouse, Hereditary, Midsommar, US, and Get Out! Then for Feature Presentation they do a review of Lucky Mckee’s May. So bust out your eye patches and break out your dolls from the glass cages to join in on this episode!

  • 00:00-15:00 – Fan Mail
  • 15:00 -30:00 – Girl Talk Celebrity Crushes
  • 30:00-45:00 – Girl Talk Game of True Colors
  • 45:00-01:20:00 – Pillow Fight Debate
  • 01:20:00- 02:05.00 – Feature Presentation May

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