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The Slumber Party Massacre Podcast – Ep2 – POPCORN (1991)

You are cordially invited to attend episode 2 of The Slumber Party Massacre Podcast.This episode the girls talk about luck and superstition. They welcome special guest Nikki K and she gives them all a tarot reading inspired by final girls in horror films. For pillow fight they get into a pretty heated debate as the narrow 10 final girls down to 1…the feathers fly. Finally for the feature presentation they do a full spoiler review of 1991’s Popcorn!

  • 00:00-18:30- Introduction – Girl Talk Luck & Superstition
  • 18:30:52:48 – Nikki gives the girls Tarot readings.
  • 52.48- 2:01:45 The Girls pillow fight who is the ultimate final girl in a match vs match up random picks out of a hat.
  • 2:01:45 – 2:45:00 – Full spoiler review or 1991’s Popcorn!

If you like what you heard from Nikki K please follow her on youtube @ https://youtu.be/uGzSvJfKM2k

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