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The HorrorCultFilms Podcast – Episode 13: Halloween Kills (2021)

The HorrorCultFilms Podcast – Episode 13: Halloween Kills: The Many Returns of Michael Myers.

After a long hiatus, the Thorn Cult have resurrected the HorrorCultFilms Podcast. In this this episode David, Ross and Jim talk about one of the biggest franchises around – Halloween. They begin with chat about the first 10 entries, from John Carpenter’s masterpiece to Rob Zombie’s second outing. After that they go into depth on the two more recent sequels: the 2018 comeback, and Halloween Kills.

  • Introduction: What we’ve been watching and Scream 5
  • Halloween franchise 1977-2009: General discussion (28:26)
  • Halloween 2018 (01:31:04)
  • Halloween Kills (01:57:54)
  • Other films set at Halloween (02:37:46)

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