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The HMP Show – A Welcome Debut & The Cecil Hotel

Welcome to the inaugural episode of The HMP Show! Your hosts, Joey Columbo, JMac, Big Bill Cassinelli and Terrible Tanya, are here to bring listeners a new variety show. We’ll be discussing various topics, ranging from  classic film review and analysis, but also delve into other genre aspects such as true crime, conspiracies, music, literature and more. Every episode will be full of skits and insightful discussions to tickle from the ear to the brain!

On our first episode, and this structure for most episodes, we all give a little HMP with the Here’s My Picks segment, followed by more HMP in which we take a stand in the Here’s My Position segment. After a quick break, the final segment, Here’s My Poison, will be a feature exploration, and up first is the recent Netflix documentary, Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel.

Time Stamps

  • 00:00-02:08 (The Recruit Skits)
  • 02:09-17:40 (Here’s My Picks)
  • 17:41-44:07 (Here’s My Position)
  • 44:08-46:00 (OnlyFans Skit)
  • 46:01-1:42:45 (The Cecil Hotel)
  • 1:42:46-1:44:36 (Episode 2 Skit)

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