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The Graveyard Sh*t Podcast – The Top 10 of 2020

Last year was one crazy year.  It caused chaos all over, including at cinemas, theaters, and even drive-in theaters.  But there still was a lot of solid horror films that came out.  Like many years, most of them were direct-to-video releases.  And COVID-19 didn’t affect them since you can just watch them all at your house.  Right on your TV.  With homemade popcorn and a beer. 

Many podcasts and websites have already released their top of the year episodes.  And now it is our time to do so.  We’ve scrambled and finsihed up to see as many 2020 films as we could, especially those last few that were released late December, and we are good to go.  So get ready for what we, your co-hosts, think were the best of the best in 2020.

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