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No More Room in Hell – Episode 38 – Voodoo Zombie Double Feature Review

Welcome back to where you don’t have to be Liberacie to feel “hot hot hot….”

It’s No More Room In Hell #38

On this episode Mr. Venom, Mike, & Derek tackle a couple of zombie movies, but unlike what most people are used to these days, yes the often overlooked voodoo zombie genre. Plague of the Zombies and Serpent & The Rainbow. Before that we get caught up on some stuff we’ve been watching including Titane, Lamb, Evil Dead in the theater, and more…..We get into a little news with the Resident Evil reboot trailer, a casting for Pinhead in the new Hellraiser, and a few more items. Then we open up a brief discussion on “October only” horror fans. All that and more awaits as our busy October schedule gets it’s official start on NMRIH 38! Check it out now….

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