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No More Room in Hell – Episode 31 – 1986’s WITCHBOARD & CHOPPING MALL

Welcome back to where it the heat is on…on the street, inside your head, with every beat….

It’s No More Room In Hell #31

On this episode Mr. Venom, Mike, & Derek welcome back Jamie & Brian Sammons to discuss a couple 1986 films picked by the birthday boy himself Derek. Going with his birth year theme of 1986, we get to discuss WITCHBOARD & CHOPPING MALL! Up first we get to catch up with some of the film’s we’ve been watching including In the Heart of Darkness II which was devoured by the Sammons’s, Suspiria in 4k purchased by Mike, Mr Venom books a trip to The Resort, and Derek picks up Nightmare at Noon on sale. The cast then discusses the possibility of George Romero’s Twilight of the Dead actually getting made and then onto the burning question where we tackle a question posed about whether modern horror movies are held to a higher standard of criticism than movies from “back in the day.” All this plus more on a jam packed episode. Check it out now!

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