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No More Room in Hell – Episode 30 – Czech Horror Duo Review

Welcome back to where it fish definitely fry in the kitchen, while beans surely burn on the grill…..

It’s No More Room In Hell #30

On this episode, Mr. Venom, Mike, & Derek catch up on what they watched including a couple episodes of Creepshow S2, TWD S10 finale, Godzilla vs Kong and more including Mike getting a PS5. They cover some news including Rob Zombie’s….Munsters (hold that thought though). For the burning question Mike went for the low-hanging fruit much to Venom’s chagrin, by tackling the “Can Horror be set in space” controversy (not really?). Then we get to our main features from the Czech Republic which Mr. Venom picked, Valerie’s Weekend of Wonders & The Noonday Witch! Lot of stuff to burn on for episode #30…..enjoy!

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