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NFW Podcast – Episode 253 – RE-RELEASED EPISODE – EYES OF A STRANGER (1981)

Well last night I was once again hit with some terrible news. A podcasting friend has past away. Johnny Riffly aka Johnny Krueg was one of the inspirations for me deciding to become a podcaster. He had the balls to start a one man show & he was funny, informative and never a boring moment listening to his shows. I luckily had the pleasure of podcasting a few times with the man & I am re-releasing this episode in his honor as it was a movie we both had a love for. If you are reading & you are feeling down please please please reach out to someone ,anyone. People will listen and help. I don’t want another life taken too soon. Please enjoy this show & remember Johnny for the kind funny man that he was .

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Available 24 hours.

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