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Halloween Boutique Psychotronic Reviews – Volume 050 – ALLURE (2017)

Welcome to Halloween Boutique Psychotronic Reviews theme month.  June has been designated as Pride Month for the LGBT community.  So to fit with the month, once again the podcast has decided to review various art house lesbian films as we did last year.  To start off, we discuss the 2017 film ALLURE.

Laura (Evan Rachel Wood) works as a home cleaning service for her father and his company.  While starting a new client in a wealthy home, she meets a 16 year old girl named Eva (Julia Sarah Stone).  Eva quickly becomes interested in the alternative-dressed and interesting woman that Laura is.  Soon a bond happens between the two.  But one wonders what Laura’s true intentions are.

The film is directed and written as a team by Carlos and Jason Sanchez.  The cast also includes Denis O’Hare and Maxim Roy.  The movie is a Canadian production that originally was released at TIFF in 2017 before going wide (to VOD) in Q2 2018.  Your co-hosts take a look at this interesting film that is as much arthouse as it is grindhouse.

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