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Halloween Boutique Psychotronic Reviews – Volume 045 – HOW DARK THEY PREY (2022)

In 2021, the film duo of Jamison M. LoCascio and Adam Ambrosio gave the independent film community one of the most impressive horror debuts in these last few years with the movie KNOW FEAR (2021).  With the release of that film, the duo went on to make a second feature, switching it up, and doing an anthology film entitled HOW DARK THEY PREY (2022).

HOW DARK THEY PREY is a movie encompassing four dark tales about the haunting nature of man and the unknown around us all.  The sinister themes are presented through the eyes of soldiers in the European theater of World War II; a duo of alien investigators running an online social media site who meet a family that actually believes in abductions; the underground work of deviants within the occult; and what happens when a psychopathic killer decides to kidnap and torture his victims.

The film stars a group of talented newcomers and up-and-comers.  Filmed in the towns and forests of New Jersey, the movie became available in Q3 of 2022 on almost all VOD services and rental sites.  Your co-hosts take a look at this new horror anthology and are joined by the filmmakers themselves. 

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