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Halloween Boutique Psychotronic Reviews – Volume 015 – GO/DON’T GO (2021) – The Review

Welcome to the post-apocalypse.  Most folks are gone.  You are all alone.  And so begins the new film by first time feature length director Alex Knapp entitled GO/DON’T GO (2021).  Released early Q1 2021, the movie is another in the line of end-of-the-world survival story pictures.  But unlike the typical pandemic and zombie films, this one does a few things very differently.

Adam (Alex Knapp) is all alone.  The apocalypse has come and gone and left him by himself in the world.  His life encompasses his home and the small rural towns outside Albany, New York.  With no one around, he tries to live a life of normalcy.  But his memories of his fiancé who he lovingly nicknamed K (Olivia Luccardi) haunts him.  Will he be able to survive in this dystopian world or will his inner demons destroy him?

Olivia Luccardi, co-star of IT FOLLOWS (2014) and THE DEUCE (2017-2019), co-stars as K, a character that no longer is there yet permeates every scene of the film.  Though an independent feature, GO/DON’T GO has received positive reviews including some from top critics such as the Austin Chronicle.  Halloween Boutique Psychotronic Reviews takes a look at this very unique feature.

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